Keeping Track of Time

The clock’s two hands are almost aligned. You have run out of time.

Panic starts to kick in.

The tick-tock is buzzing in your brain. You have no idea what to do. A drop of sweat rolls down your forehead and your heart is pounding. You frantically start to arrange the documents on the desk and WHOOPS! The coffee mug spills all over the papers! How has it all gone so wrong?

It’s six o’clock in the evening. You sit down at the desk with your coffee mug. The online timer is already displayed on the screen. You set a 13-minute timer followed by a 17-minute timer. 2 tasks and half an hour is all it’s going to take.

Momentarily pausing to sip coffee and a quick glance at the timer. You’re working confidently at your own pace and as the first timer beeps you’re already done with the first task.

A 30-second gap to check on your phone and you see your boss has texted for a few changes. No problem at all. You adjust to a 19-minute timer and dive in. Before it rings, you’ve already sorted out all the paperwork for tomorrow.

Keeping track of time and holding yourself accountable can work wonders for you.

How often do we realize that it’s already too late to complete our tasks? Whether it’s office, school, or home, we find ourselves drifting off when we’re not in the mood. And when it comes to procrastination, there’s no one better than us.

Here’s a simple solution.

It is key to identify what time of the day are we our most productive self. It is also important to know beforehand, how long a chore or task should take.

Then, set small targets. They help with punctuality and give a sense of achievement that motivates us to move on to the next mission.

Use an online timer to keep a track of time and set alarms to alert you before it’s too late. They will empower you to be more productive and make sure you deliver whatever is required of you. No panic, no hassle, and a mission accomplished on time.

Isn’t that just what you want?

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